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Power of Persuasion

Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce’s 2017-2018 Smart Series

Murphy Funkhouser Capps of Kudzu Brands is a standout in the crowd of branding experts.  Her experience and enthusiasm, coupled with the historical knowledge of her team will help catapult your business brand and product.  When she speaks to a crowd, she is truly engaging and commands their attention.  It’s obvious they know they’re getting a lesson from one of the best. Amy Jackson, Director of Engagement – Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce

How do we convince someone to do business with us, to refer us to ideal customers, or to become a loyal customer themselves? How do we convince someone that we are the best option to fill their need or to to bring them value? This is the power of persuasion. The finest examples of persuasion can be found in the advertising we have been exposed to and motivated by for hundreds of years. Using historic examples of popular advertising campaigns and exploring the impact of some of the world’s greatest brands on our culture, Murphy will lead the group in an engaging 50-minute discussion about what persuades us and what does not. We will also discuss emotional versus logical decisions and which is the greater motivator. The audience will leave with a clear understanding of how knowing your audience and uniquely solving their “pain” can turn them into master persuaders-and increase their sales! The talk is followed by a supportive Q & A period.