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Impact & Inspiration for Any Event!

Murphy is a standout in the crowd. When she speaks, she is truly engaging and commands their attention. It’s obvious they know they’re getting a lesson from one of the best.
— Amy Jackson, Asheville Chamber of Commerce

When is a business talk not just another business talk?

When it is blended with inspiration, humor, and a good dose of empathy and humanity.

The most noble work is to empower and inspire others.

Using my expertise as a business owner and brand strategist combined with my personal stories and infectious energy, I aim to inspire and uplift as much as I guide and teach.

Known for my enthusiasm and passion for entrepreneurship and for helping businesses grow and for supporting others on their personal journeys, I bring creativity, insight and “spark” to any event. 

Inspirational Speaking

  • Non-Traditional Paths to Success

  • Overcoming Adversity

  • The Hero’s Journey

  • Creativity & Inspiration

  • Women in Business

  • Your Purpose/Your Why

Business Speaking

  • Creativity & Entrepreneurship

  • Storytelling for Business

  • Branding & Marketing

  • Authentic Leadership

  • The Brand Experience

  • Support for Women in Business


Speaking fees are negotiated based on location, length of talk and complexity.

Murphy speaks to a Unitarian Congregation on the Hero's Journey-and on letting go of attachment in order to carry on.

In this honest and authentic monologue style talk for a women’s group, Murphy opens up her "business baggage" in order to help others "carry on" successfully.

Speaker Bio

Murphy has worked for than 20 years in corporate training, management and marketing and as the founder of the successful branding agency, Kudzu Brands.

In 2018, Murphy received the Best in Business-Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Asheville Chamber of Commerce.

Murphy brings to her clients, and her talks, a diverse background that includes experience in many fields and industries.

Murphy also has a powerful personal story and frequently speaks about her own non-traditional path to success and the power of grit, tenacity and perseverance.

Murphy has spoken at UNC-Asheville, AB Tech and Blue Ridge Community College and the Asheville Chamber of Commerce guiding entrepreneurs, marketers, and other small business owners. She has also spoken for numerous women’s groups, churches and business industry groups. In 2019, she was the commencement speaker for the South College summer graduation. She is on the board of the UNC-Asheville Management and Accountancy Department Advisory Board. Her business has won two Sky High Growth Awards from the Asheville Chamber and was chosen for the competitive Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Cohort 7 at Babson College.