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Friday Staffing Annual Meeting Keynote

Murphy speaks to the team at Friday Staffing about non-traditional paths to success. And, how, at any given time, we have an opportunity to mentor someone on their journey.

“For years, I carried the weight of my personal story. Finally, I set that story down, opened it up and started sharing it with the world through my plays and now my speaking. I am honored to go and speak at Friday Staffing’s annual meeting today about non-traditional paths to success. More so, my talk today is about the people who lifted me, who gave me a chance when I might have appeared too lost to get back on the path. I am going to tell the team at Friday that they are playing the most important role a person can play on this journey we call life, that of a helping hand during times of upheaval and transition. I am going to tell them they are heroes. But, so are the people they are helping. It takes a heroic level of courage and humility to be walk in and ask for that job and get that next step up. Heck, each step you take on this journey is heroic and brave when you have no idea what is coming next...but, you keep going anyway. ❤️ #carryon”-Murphy (posted from Facebook)

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