Dear Business Owner,

Owning or leading a business is not easy! It takes bravery, perseverance and lots of support.

I have been helping businesses grow for almost a decade as the CEO of Kudzu Brands, a successful marketing and branding agency, and as a business speaker, coach and mentor.

I’m extremely passionate about the messy, complicated, yet rewarding process known as the entrepreneur’s journey. My own path to success has not been a straight line. My business accomplishments are the direct result of asking for help and having the tenacity and the courage to restart again (and again and again).

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I am committed to using my experiences and expertise to help other business owners, CEO’s and entrepreneurs navigate their journey with confidence, courage, clarity and support.

If you are looking for guidance, perspective, strategies….or just a shoulder to cry on before we dust you off and put you back on the road to success…..let’s chat!

-Murphy Funkhouser Capps

Murphy is pure energy. She brings insight, experience and passion to her clients, her speaking and her coaching.


Need a business pep talk? A little inspiration? How about (finally) making (and keeping) some business goals? Work with Murphy to get some support and momentum for your business journey.

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Looking for a dynamic business or inspirational speaker? Murphy brings expertise and enthusiasm to any event. Known for a fun, engaging style, organizations need Murphy when energy and connection are key.

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Need fresh ideas or strategies to make your business more memorable, profitable or efficient? Ready to make your next move? Consult with Murphy to get effective strategies and fresh ideas.

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It’s not how good you are. It’s how good you
want to be.


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