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Meet Murphy

Murphy Funkhouser Capps has lived many lives, traveled many miles, and loves to share her experiences to support, entertain and inspire others

Murphy shares her stories of grit, tenacity and hope as a speaker, a performer and as the author of personal plays that have been called, "humorous reflections on courage, redemption and strength". 

Murphy also helps businesses tell their stories as a brand and marketing strategist with her company Kudzu Brands.


I was "born in a church pew" in a small town in North Carolina where my father, a Methodist Minister had his first church. As a kid, I was always looking for my chance to escape. I fulfilled my wanderlust by writing stories and performing plays on a little stage I built in our family garage.


The path to success is not always a straight line. -Murphy Funkhouser Capps

At age 18, the itch to rebel and find my own way was strong. In 1995, I left “bible college” (went screeching out of the gates) and spent the next 15 years finding myself, working various jobs and professions from Knoxville, TN to the mountains of Denver, Co.  


In 2008, after touring my first one woman show, I found the perfect avenue for both my creative and business sides in marketing and branding. Since co-founding my company, Kudzu Brands, I have helped hundreds of businesses tell their stories.

I am proud of the "long and winding" road that got to where I am today. I feel that the diversity of my experiences is an asset to my clients and my creative work. My favorite quote is "The spirit draws straight with crooked lines". 

I am available to speak at local business organizations, schools or groups about storytelling, branding, creativity and the entrepreneurs journey.